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Jeff Norris
Occasional Visitor


Using a proliant 1600, with Dual P3/450/100 stepping is identical. I am running P18 BIOS (latest). I am able to run Linux and FreeBSD UNIX running a SMP kernal. However Windows 2000, 2003 will lock with a BSOD, processor not supported. This is after a fresh install of Windows, it will detect plug and play hardware, then on its first reboot I will end up with a BSOD indicating that DUAL_PROCESSOR_MODE_NOT_SUPPORT.

Aftwards the system will post with an error 178 system configuration is invalid.

Its not the HAL, so don't send me to the link at microsoft!, Windows hasnt finished its setup.

The sytem will run with either processor in a single CPU mode. I have also run the system confiration erase utility, the system confiriaton shows P3/4500/100 (2) of them, under the system partion setup (F10, CTRL-A) I have it also displaying that the 2nd processor is a P3/450/100, and APCI is full mapped as well.

Is this a problem with the CPU cage? The BIOS or something else. This system will run without any problems if either processor is installed but not both.

Thanks in advance.

- Jeff