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BSOD after upgrading to SP6a SRP (Q299444i.exe) from MS

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

BSOD after upgrading to SP6a SRP (Q299444i.exe) from MS

We maintain a large number of old PL6500 servers and tried to update the existing SP6a environment to SP7 (we used the Q299444 file from MS page). After installing, the system reboots and brings a BSOD after initialising the NTFS (last loaded drivers seen when booting in VGA mode). We tried it on several servers (P11 and E25 and a PL5000) and always the same error. The system can't reboot and the "last known good" option does not work too. Any hints ?
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: BSOD after upgrading to SP6a SRP (Q299444i.exe) from MS

this is becuase whenever you apply a service pack you NEED to reinstall the compaq SSD BEFORE the final reboot in the service pack install...the systems you have already will need to re-apply the sp then when it says "reboot machine now" dont..install the ssd first..then reboot
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