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BSOD with NC-Series Multifunction Driver


BSOD with NC-Series Multifunction Driver

Has anyone seen this? We have two identically configured DL380's that blue-screen on shutdown when using this driver:

HP NC-Series Multifunction Driver for Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions

Here is the server configuration:
DL380 G5 5160 (418315-001)
NC380T Dual Port Gigabit NIC (394795-B21)
16 GB Memory
Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 SP2
SQL 2K5 x64

It started after I applied PSP 7.8 and upgraded the firmware on the servers, P400 Smart Arrays, and the NICâ s. The servers consistently blue-screen about halfway through shutdown.

There is no dump file. The stop code is 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFF8000102F4B9, 0xFFFFFADE5BCA9920, 0xFFFFFADE5BCA9330)

My work-around is to back-rev the driver to That one works fine - no BSOD.

Joshua Small_2
Valued Contributor

Re: BSOD with NC-Series Multifunction Driver

Hi Michael,

Long running issue. See here:

After several weeks with a case open with HP I've given up looking for a fix.

Re: BSOD with NC-Series Multifunction Driver


Lots of commonalities between your thread and mine. Thanks for the info. Glad you got a case open with HP. I hope they come up with a fix.

We also use teaming on these servers. I learned that the Network Configuration Utility doesn't like that I back-rev'd the NIC drivers (see the attachment). I think I should go back to PSP 7.7 and wait for HP to fix 7.8.

Re: BSOD with NC-Series Multifunction Driver

One of our two servers blue-screened last night. Looks like down-grading the NIC wasn't enough. We will probably go back to PSP 7.7 and avoid 7.8 altogether.

Re: BSOD with NC-Series Multifunction Driver

We opened a case with Microsoft and they provided more info. Here is what they said:

"As per the dump analysis reports this trap was caused by memory corruption. It was most likely caused by the HP driver HpCISSs2.

We recommend contacting HP for getting rid of the issue. As a workaround you can:
- Disable the HP Insight Storage Agent.
- Go into services applet and select the HP Insight Storage agents and set to disable, then stop the storage agents this will also cause the Foundations agents to stop."

We have reverted to PSP 7.7, and the servers seem to be stable again.