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Backup Exec 12 and HP Teaming.

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Backup Exec 12 and HP Teaming.

We have recently changed the way we backup our files servers.
Our Backup Media server is a DL380 G5 2 x QUAD XEON, 4 GB RAM. Running Windows 2003 Standard x32. The version of Backup Exec is 12.

We have a NIC just for the LAN traffic then we have 3 x 1Gbps cards for the backup traffic. The 3 cards are teamed using the HP Configuration utility and they are connected to a Cisco switch and we have set the 3 connections in an etherchannel making it 3Gbps.

The problem is the throughput is very, very low. We are getting as low as 80MB/MIN.

The servers we are backing up are connected to the same switch.

Just not sure if we are missing anything?

Any ideas?
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Re: Backup Exec 12 and HP Teaming.

Just a couple of thoughts,

Have you test the real Team throughput by using a TCP testing tool such as NTTCP or IPERF??

If you have SP2, the MS SNP will be installed, there are lot of performance issues related with the SNP features, most of them with TOE. You can look at MS KB948496, it will get rid of the Scalable network pack.

Having latest drivers and firmware will be a good idea.

Igor Karasik
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Re: Backup Exec 12 and HP Teaming.

Without relation to low network throughput
(by the way, when you just copy files between Backup server and client - do you have normal speed ?) - I don't think network can be bottleneck when you use backup Exec. With one NIC or two NIC teaming you will have same backup performance as with 3 NIC teaming - and of course it must be not 80 MB/min.
Backup Exec cannot do multiplexing when you do backup, so, anyway you backup only one server at the same time.
NetBackup and other enterprise backup solutions do multiplexing to send backup streams from multiple file systems or multiple clients.

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Re: Backup Exec 12 and HP Teaming.

How do I run the tests just on the backup network?

The servers that are being backed up are connected on a seperate network card too.

There are 3 ports on the backup server that are teamed. They connect to a cisco switch. The servers that are being backed up have 1 card connected to the same switch then the backups run over the same network.