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Backup Exec LUN support ADPT160M Netware 6

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Ed Patterson

Backup Exec LUN support ADPT160M Netware 6

I need to know if the LUN_ENABLE=FF switch is valid with the Compaq 64bit/66mhz Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI controller.

Running Netware 6 sp3 backup Exec 9.0.

I am LUN challenged so here goes.

I have a ML350 G3 with (apparently) 2 Compaq 64bit/66mhz Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI controllers. I say apparently because I have not opened the box to check and Novell loads the drivers for slot 10004 and 10005. It might be that there is one card and the 'slots' are actually the 'Dual Channels'.

Anyway there is one external SCSI connector to which I have a HP 6x24 DAT drive connected.

Checking the Compaq Unified Driver shows both the Smart Array 532 TID: 0 and the tape drive TID: 1.

Loading Backup Exec results in an error stating LUN support is not fully implemented and to see the controller card documentation.

The only reference to LUN support I can find references Adaptec cards and the ENABLE_LUN=FF switch.

I would like to know how to enable the tape drive with out using the 'give the college try' approach.

Also any pointers to good documentation for the controller and LUN support in general would be appreciated.

Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Backup Exec LUN support ADPT160M Netware 6

Hi Ed;

Looks like you have your backup device attached to the external port of the 532 Array controller, not the embedded Ultra 3 controller.

The ML350 G3 doesn't have an external scsi port for the 64/66 Ultra 3 controller out of the box.

The Unified Driver detecting the tape drive is cpqraid.ham that controls the 532.

The 532 controller only supports single lun tape devices. That means a stand-alone tape drive - no libraries or autoloaders. That's why you're getting that error message from Backup Exec.

A 6x24 DAT autoloader will only work properly attached to the Ultra 3 embedded controller internal to the server, which does support multiple luns. You'll need option kit number 159547-B22 to channel one of the ports out the back of the server and connect up the autoloader.

(You are correct by the way, it is one dual channel controller loading adpt160m.ham for embedded slots 10004 and 10005)

You most likely will have to use the lun_enable=FF (or /lun) switch on the driver load, as well as a "scan all" command after it.

You should be using at least version 18.03 of adpt160m.ham.

Make sure you use the lun_enable switch on both channels of the driver to cover your bases.

To test whether NetWare is properly detecting a tape, run the *list storage adapters* command without Backup Exec or becdm.cdm loading.

You should be able to see the autoloader with two luns as an "unbound device" if everything is loading up and detecting properly.

At that point Backup Exec should have no problems loading and running.



To get results you've never had before, try something you've never tried before.
Ed Patterson

Re: Backup Exec LUN support ADPT160M Netware 6

Thanks, you not only answered the original question but my next one, "Why is it recognizing an 'older' single tape drive.

I'll have the bean counters order the part.