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BackupExec 8.5 Installation

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

BackupExec 8.5 Installation

Currently I am trying to install netware 4.11 on a Proliant ML330. I have installed the OS but I can't seem to get the tape drive to function with BackupExec 8.5. I've installed service pack 9 from novell. I also have the nwtape.nlm, cpqscsi.ham, and cpqshd.cdm loading in my startup.ncf. I also have the TSA410.nlm loading. In BackupExec, I have chosen Compaq 53C825 driver (the 53C895A was not listed). When I start BackupExec, it will get the point where I get error 1007 which states the ASPI Manager has not been loaded.

I have two questions, number one is have I chosen the right Controller in BackupExec and second, does the CPQSCSI.HAM automatically load the ASPI Manager or do I need to load CPQSASPI.NLM?
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: BackupExec 8.5 Installation


First and for most Compaq does not support Novell 4.x on this server check out the Compaq Server Software Support Matrix (

If you have any Smart Start CD check out the CPQHLP holder.

This folder contains the Smart Start help files. Look for a document titled NWPRMENG, this is the Compaq MANUAL Software support instruction file, if will guide you through installing Netware onto this server.

Secondly if you are loading an THIRD PARTY backup program like BACKUP EXEC and not the SBACKUP from Netware, then the NWTAPE and SCSI2TP drivers should NEVER be loaded.

If you do a LIST DEVICES you should see an UNBOUND DEVICE ONJECT if so then Novell is detecting the hardware properly and NO additional drivers from Compaq or Novell need to be applied.

Depending on the CPU speed of the Server in question you are correct in the CHIPSET selection as being the 53C8xx.

The other part to your question can not be answered with a simple email reply without asking additional questions. Are you using DSK or HAM drivers?
If DSK then yes the CPQSASPI.NLM can be used along with other drivers. If you are using HAM drivers then NO this is the incorrect driver and you should be using the NOVELL native ASPI driver NWASPI.CDM for the ASPI support.

You have asked alot of question is a small space I hope I have help shead a little light on the matter.

You should contact the Compaq Standard Warranty Novell Support line for any additional questions regarding this install.