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Bad Hard Drive Replacement DL385 G2

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Bad Hard Drive Replacement DL385 G2

I have a DL385 G2 server that has two 32GB sas drives that are hardware mirrored.

One of the drives has gone bad and a replacement drive was ordered.

The replacement has arrived and is a bigger drive (36gb instead of a 32GB).

Hp included a piece of paper with the drive explaining that the drive might need to be repartitioned because it is slightly larger than the other.

My questions are:
Do I even need to worry about the size difference? Wont the drive simply only allow for the 32GB of space since it's going to be part of the mirror?


Providing the size diff isnt a problem, can I just hot-swap the old drive with the new and will the mirror rebuild on it's own, or will I need to power-off, swap drives, and then take care of this in the RAID setup at boot?

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Re: Bad Hard Drive Replacement DL385 G2

The size difference on the drive is not an issue. You can replace the bad drive with the new one and the rebuild will start.

Use the raid utility to monitor the process and the rebuild activity.

Run a back up before you begin just in case anything happens during the rebuild.

Re: Bad Hard Drive Replacement DL385 G2

Thank you for the reply.

So the size diff. is no issue, roger that.

As far as monitoring the rebuild, the system has a Smart Array E200 controller. Can I install the ACU and use this utillity to monitor the status of the rebuild from within Windows?

Also, looking through the E200 guide it appears that this controller provides complete automated hotswaps that will automattically rebuild the Mirror without intervention.

Does this sound correct from your experience?

I'm a little hesitant as the last time I ran into bad drives it was on Dell systems that required much user intervention and headache to get back up and running.

Just want to be sure it really is as easy as 'taking out bad drive and putting good drive in' before I proceed.

My plan is to pull the drive out and put the new one in while the system is running and let it do its thing.

Any more info is appreciated! thanks again!
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Re: Bad Hard Drive Replacement DL385 G2

There should be no need for any intervention. The rebuild is automatic. I don't remember if ACU shows the progress report or just a rebuild status.

The rebuild can take long time, start it during off peak activity. I am guessing about 8 hours.

Run a full backup and/or a disk image before you begin. It is always a good idea before you do major disk work.

Re: Bad Hard Drive Replacement DL385 G2

Thanks very much for the help! I will plan to replace during off hours.