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Beep Codes

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Beep Codes

I need beep codes for a Proliant 800 Server. I have a server that gives me one short beep upon boot and then just reboots and does it again. i called Tech support and they were about as helpful as the flu. Can someone point me towards Compaq beep codes?
Michael Richter
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Re: Beep Codes

in the Proliant Troubleshooting Guide u will find the beep codes for nearly all ProLiant Server Generations .. just search

rg, Mike
Daniel Leblanc
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Re: Beep Codes

Temperature violation detected - system Shutting Down in x seconds
Audible Beeps: 1 long, 1 short
Possible Cause: The system has reached a cautionary temperature level and is shutting down in X
Action: Adjust the ambient temperature, install fans, or replace any failed fans.
There must be a first DIMM in pair if second DIMM in pair is populated. Second DIMM in pair
Description: The first DIMM socket in the pair is not populated. The second DIMM in the pair is not
recognized or used.
Action: Populate the DIMM socket.
This system only supports 667 MHz Front Side Bus Speed Processors. One or more 800 MHz
Front Side Bus Speed Processors have been initialized at 667 MHz. System Halted!
Audible beeps: 1 long, 1 short
Possible cause: One or more 800-MHz front side bus speed processors have been initialized at 667-
Action: Correct the processor configuration.
Unsupported DIMM(s) found in system. - DIMM(s) may not be used
Description: Unsupported memory types found in system.
Action: Refer to the applicable server user guide memory requirements and replace with supported
Unsupported PCI Card Detected Remove PCI Card from Slot
Audible beeps: 2 short
Possible cause: The PCI card installed in the slot referenced in the message is strictly not supported on
this system.
Action: Remove the card from the slot reported in the message.
Unsupported Processor Detected System will ONLY boot ROMPAQ Utility. System Halted.
Audible Beeps: 1 long, 1 short
Possible Cause: Processor and/or processor stepping is not supported by the current system ROM.
Action: Refer to the server documentation for supported processors. If a ROM version exists that supports
the processor,
1. Power down the server.
2. Insert a Systems ROMPAQ diskette containing the latest ROM version.
3. Boot the system to flash the system to the latest ROM version. Allow 15 minutes for the process to
complete. Successful completion is indicated by a series of beeps of increasing pitch.
Daniel Leblanc
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Re: Beep Codes

Brandon Elliott
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Re: Beep Codes

Sorry to bump an old thread but I have a ML110 G5 down with max fans running no post and a beep code that isn't listed anywhere in the documentation



1 Post Beep (no POST displayed)


3 short pause 4 short pause 3 short.


I have completely torn the server down to the bare minimum as instructed by the guide. I don't have any other signs of issue. 


Please help!

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Re: Beep Codes

Beep codes are listed in "HP ProLiant Servers Troubleshooting Guide"


and maybe you can find something useful here:


since this old ML100 series has no Proliant BIOS.


I would first try with minimum memory and no PCI cards.

Hope this helps!

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Brandon Elliott
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Re: Beep Codes

now booting into windows. pulled two stick of ram out. Looks like it was a bad stick.