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Beeping sound

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Beeping sound

I have deskpro EP series. This was working before until the beeping sound. When I power up the pc I heared beeping sound . Their are two types of beeping sound when I start removing or changing RAMs and removing all PCI and VGA cards. One type is 1-long, 2-short and the other is 1-long 1-short 1-long 1-short 1-second no sound 1-long 2-short.

No display can be viewed when vga card is in place.

Anybody has this encountered this problem? I appreciate your help.
Paul Duane_4

Re: Beeping sound

The one long and two short beeps means that your graphics card is bust unfortunatly, before you bin it try to reseat it in another PCI slot if its PCI, or if its AGP, just try to reseat it.

Try borrowing a graphics card just to double chack also and see if you can get a display.