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Best Backup Software for Proliant Gen10

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Best Backup Software for Proliant Gen10

Hey guys,

I am not a real pro concerning server-administration, more the do-it-yourself type, so please be patient with me

I have a small business running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter with two VMs on a single HP Proliant Gen10 DL20 Server, simple raid5 with three SSD Enterprise-disks (each 960GB, built an array with ~1,5 TBs) and one WD SSD for small backups....

My Problem: I bought AOMEI-Backupper-Server, but last time i simulated a disaster recovery just to see how restoring the "system-drive" works in worst case scenario, i came across multiple problems... could finally solve them, but took me 2 days. I lost faith in that program.

Has anyone a good recommandation for a backup program that works fine with HP servers (e.g. working togehter with the smart array/memory controller drivers etc). to restore data in a save way and accaptable timeframe?

Heard that veeam should do the job very good. I don't need cloud features, simply saving to a NAS, then from the NAS to an external harddrive i take home every day.... Saw that HPE also has NAS-Systems, but i only make inkremental backups, total amount of data to save is 500GBs (full backup). Think they are made for multiple TBs...

Would be very thankful for every input, thanks in advance!