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Best Practice for installing OS and Database on Array

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Best Practice for installing OS and Database on Array

Hello, this is my first server setup and I have a new HPE Proliant ML350 GEN10 Server with 4 each 600GB Drives and an HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 controller. My plan is to set up a RAID 5 array using three of the drives while making the fourth drive a Hot Spare. While setting up the RAID 5, I did not see a way to create the C and D partitions. (C for the OS and D for the database.)

After creating the RAID 5 array and installing Windows Server 2016, I booted the OS and resized the drive and created a D partition using Disk Manager in Windows.

Is there a downfall using this configuration?  Should I have purchased more drives and set up the OS separately using RAID 1 and the Data using RAID 5? 


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Re: Best Practice for installing OS and Database on Array


the Partitions C & D in one Volume are created during Windows Setup, not on the Controller and not later.

But you can try this:

In the Raid Controller Setup, create a Array A with Raid 1.

Do not use all Space, set the Size to the Size for C.

Create a Volume in A.

Than create an Array B with Raid 5.

Create a Volume in B.

Install Windows.

You now have 2 Volumes.

First will be C with R1 and second D with R5, all on the same Drives.

(If you recreate the Array/Volumes, all Data is lost.)

As best Practice, I would prefer to add 2x 240GB SSD RI for the OS.

They are ceap, reliable and Windows boot and Updates are realy fast.

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: Best Practice for installing OS and Database on Array

You can create your partitions in several ways.  Like you have currently, or you can create your RAID 5 array like you have done and then create two logical drives within the array, Logical drive one would be for the 'C' partition, and Logical Drive 2 would be for the 'D' partition.  You can also add more drives and create separate arrays for drive 'C' and 'D' as someone else mentioned

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