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Bios Password on ML350

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Bios Password on ML350

I have assigned a BIOS password on a ML350 but when I try to access the setup it states that the passowrd is incorrect. To ensure that I typed this in correctly I also set the same password on a different ML350 and now but this also states that the password is incorrect. I have removed the BIOS battery for a few hours but this did not reset the bios. Are there any dip switches I can change or is there another way of resetting this password and why did thid happen. My password was 9 characters with a capital and a number.
Jorge Gamboa
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Re: Bios Password on ML350

You not say the generation of your proliant server (can be G2,G3 or G4), but dont´w whorry.In all the generations it´s the same switch.

Search the system configuration switch.It have 8 little switches.The number 5 default position is OFF, that means password ENABLE.Turn On to disable password.

In the ML350 G2 look next to IDE connector.
In the G3 & G4 look in the bottom of the system board.

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