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Bios Pb with NC6770 and DL380 G4

gwendal stevanazzi
Occasional Visitor

Bios Pb with NC6770 and DL380 G4

When I boot with a NC6770 card, I get at the beginning of the bios boot process:
Proliant System Bios P51 (04/26/2006)
Unsupported PCI Card detected. Remove PCI Card from Slot 02
System Halted!

I tried to move the card to another slot with no success.
I was able to reproduce the problem with different card and different DL.

Is it a known problem ?
Is there a solution ?
(The bios update available on has the same timestamp as my system.)

Honored Contributor

Re: Bios Pb with NC6770 and DL380 G4


It may be related to an issue with Hyperthreading and the number of logical CPU's. Please see the following customer advisory.

I hope this helps.

gwendal stevanazzi
Occasional Visitor

Re: Bios Pb with NC6770 and DL380 G4

Actually, I was informed by an HP representative that this card is simply not compatible with the G4.
There is no mention of this incompatibility in the product page.