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Blade BL10e switch config

Jonas Back_2
Super Advisor

Blade BL10e switch config

I have connected the G-CbE switch port 25 on switch A to our core Cisco-network and configured the port in the Cisco to be a dot1q trunk carrying all VLANS.

I can see on the Cisco that it's trunking when connecting the cable and I do see activity on that port.

I want to configure port 25 on Switch A to be a member of VLAN1 since that's the LAN where I have all my switches.

I want PORT1 on SwitchA to be a member of VLAN25 since that server's NIC1 shoule be connected to that LAN.

I've tried all possibilities in the SwitchA config but I can't get neither SwitchA nor the bladeserver to successfully connect to the LAN.

I've read the manual and tried the example there but it doesn't work.

Can someone please tell me which ports should be F/E/- and U/T on which VLANs so I can try that configuration since I'm soon getting crazy.

Everything should work fine since if I put everything to default settings and just connecting a port from the Cisco which is a member of a VLAN, that VLAN is available to all bladeservers. So it DOES work but I don't want all NICs to be connected to the same VLAN.

Re: Blade BL10e switch config

Did you have any luck with this question? We have a BL10e Enclosure with the C-GbE Interconnect Switch and are experincing the same problems connecting it to a Cisco core switch with multiple VLANs.
If this works ... I'll be famous!
Jonas Back_2
Super Advisor

Re: Blade BL10e switch config

Yes. We did after a few calls with HP support and talking to thei secondline support. It was just that the config differ a bit from our Procurve/Cisco devices.

I've attached a screendump of our config. For example is port 8 and 9 configured for VLAN20. Port 20-24 is the port of the actual "switch" and that one is connected to VLAN1.

Let me know if you don't succeed and I'll see if I can help you.