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Blade Bl20p G2

Frequent Advisor

Blade Bl20p G2

i am unable to power on the server,the dip switch is seamed fine i also tired to press it with pin but that wont help.
the console port is also not working and ILO is also not accessible.

kinldy some one help me in this issue
Honored Contributor

Re: Blade Bl20p G2


if you can try it in other slot o check if the problem is not with the power/signal backplane.

you can take additional components(FC HBA is important) and leave the blade in minimal configuration.

I this still don't help, call HP support for DC module and sysboard replacement...
since iLO is not accesable, you don't have much options.

Terence Tsao
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Re: Blade Bl20p G2

Sorry to make sure :
1.could you each iLO ip via ping ?
2.You can't power-on server from virtual power botton?
3.Did you press power botton for a while~ 5 seconds, and it won't power on ?
4.You can recovery iLO password from DIP adjusting or remove system board battery then reinsert it.

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Re: Blade Bl20p G2

the ip is not pingingable the console at server end seams faulty,
virtual button is accessible through ILO and ILO is not accessible,
Yes i press power button for a while many times but it wont help,
wht if i can recover the ILO i cannot accessible through console any way around.

Also logged call with hp but wont get any satisfactory answer.

kindly help me in this problem
Timothy Cusson
Valued Contributor

Re: Blade Bl20p G2

It seems like the system board has failed. You should log a service case with HP, they will a technician on-site to replace the board if it's still within the three year warranty. If not in warranty, you may purchase a replacemnet board and receive a credit for the old one.



PS There is an advisory regarding BL20p failing after being powered off.