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Blade Enclosure Power Requirement

Navaneeda Kumar
Frequent Advisor

Blade Enclosure Power Requirement


I have connected the load balancing cable in between the two power enclosures.
All the 3 blade enclosures are installed with BL20P-G3 Servers.Currently 24 BL20P G3 Blades installed. I am going to add another 8 Nos Bl20P-G3 servers.So total will be 32 Bl20P-G3 Blades.
So this total 32 Bl20P-G3 servers will work with my existing power(2 3U Power enclosures with 4 power supplies each in single phase line)

The Enclosure Power used in first is=10412W is taken from one power enclosure.
The Enclosure Power used in second is=1530W Is my setup is in redundant mode???
or i have to do any changes ???

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Blade Enclosure Power Requirement

go with BL-p class power calculator

it hard to say if you would experience problem or not
it all depend on the number of HDD, CPU, Memory, FC, Interconnects and Voltage that you apply 208 or 240

Page 40

it gave you numbers with MAX Load 300W - see matrix