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Blade Enclosure iLO Connectivity

Occasional Contributor

Blade Enclosure iLO Connectivity


We recently had the power and signal back planes replaced on one of our HP p-Class Blade enclosure.

The enclosure in question is a standard enclosure populated with 8 BL20p G2, with the GbE2 interconnect switches.

For some reason we can only get iLO connectivity to the first 3 slots (Bays 1 - 3). None of the other slots appear to have any form of iLO connectivity. All other network connectivity is working. Looking in HP Insight manager everything is "GREEN", the HPSIM Homepage service (running on an affected machine), says the embedded NEC98431 is "degraded" - to me this would suggest the connection is "unplugged". Everything is configured to allow iLO connections - and it certainly worked prior to the back plane swap.

If, for example, we remove a blade and place it into another enclosure (again a standard enclosure) in the same rack, the iLO connection works (along with all the other NICS). Put the blade into any of the slots 4 - 8 in this standard enclosure and we loose iLO connectivity - all other network connectivity works.

I have made sure all components (enclosures, switches, power supplies, etc) are running the latest firmware. I've reset the management module on the back of the enclosure. Loaded the latest HP Sim agents onto the machine. Made sure the firmware on the blades themselves are current.

I am wondering if it is possible that the signal backplane has been damaged when it was installed and therefore the (iLO) connections to slots 4 - 8 are damaged....although I would believe that a little more if all network connectivity to slots 4-8 was affected.

Anyone any suggestions or seen this problem before?

Thanks for any help

Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: Blade Enclosure iLO Connectivity

Hi MCurtis,

The standard server blade enclosure has a signal backplane that routes all NIC signals (NC series data and iLO management) from the server blades to the interconnect bays while completely isolating these signals from each other.

Check the following document for more information:

Has per your notes that before replacing the signal backplane iLO was working and now it is not working. I would suggest to schedule a downtime and reseat the Signal backplane and the Management Module and that should fix the issue. If the issue still exists contact HP Customer Support and replace the Signal backplane.

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Blade Enclosure iLO Connectivity

few things to verify

Verify switch for MAC Filtering, interconnects or core outside

How ILO does obtains IP address

Make sure once again for IP scope and configuration

Pull all Servers and try from F8, reset defaults and set all manually

Turn DHCP and IP Bay Configuration to OFF

DO one Server at time only and test it!

CUBE Modules or switch reseat it (I suppose done several times)

FW ILO 1.87 Switch 3.xx?

What you have for NIC or Upgraded with fiber?

You have mixed OS trough Enclosure? Win. Linux ?

Can you access from Front dongle?

Can you see them trough Rack View? From External or Internal?