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Blade Server Interconnect Problem

Sreejith Kaliyam
Regular Advisor

Blade Server Interconnect Problem

I am having a Blade enclosure and one blade server ( BL 20p G2). and two
interconnects in the blade enclosure, with a Dual TSX module on each
interconnect ( two fiber 1000 Mbps and two UTP 10/100 Mbps ports on each
TSX module)
The blade servers are configured and working fine if the uplink is UTP
But the moment i connect a Fiber cable i am not able to communicate outside
the Blade enclosure
Some things that i have noted are
1) When i connect the fiber cable the UTP port goes to the Blocking mode
(STP state)
2) The fiber speed LED is amber (1000MBPS negotiated) and the L/A LED is
3) if i connect the fiber, and then view the MAC address table, i am able
to see the MAC addressess of the devices which are outside the Blade
enclosure and are trying to communicate with Blade server

Has anything to be specifically enabled in order for the fiber ports to

I am just suspecting the configuration because if the fiber cable was a
problem then the speed would not have been negotiated to 1000 Mbps ( Amber
LED) and the STP state of the UTP cable would not have gone to blocking
When i access the iLo and check the Integrated Management Log an error is
reported there
Server Blade Enclosure Ethernet Switch Error - Powering Up ( Left Side,
Enclosure Serial Number 8331LFS11075

The same error is also reported for the Right side also