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Blade connections to SAN

Rommel T. Misa
Occasional Contributor

Blade connections to SAN

A few questions on blade servers especially the BL20p

How do I connect my blades to a SAN? I understand there is an interconnect kit you have to install in the enclosure to do this. If so, what is the best interconnect to use? If I connect my blades to the interconnect kit, how many ports in an SAN switch will each interconnect kit consume? Will the blade complex consume the same number of ports as my number of blades?


Occasional Advisor

Re: Blade connections to SAN

Hi Rommel,
You can connect blades to SAN using Fibre cables. The interconnect kit should have fibre ports (try these part #s 283192-B21, 283193-B21, 321745-B21). SAN switch should have minimum 12 ports to function. Better to order 16 port switch.

Revert for any clarification.