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Blank Display for DL380 Gen10 Server

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Blank Display for DL380 Gen10 Server

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We have just received one out of the six servers we ordered from HP. All of these servers are DL380 Gen 10 servers (Product Number BD505A 0D1). Since we have not yet received our KVM consle so we just connected the VGA port provided at the back of the server to a Siemens monitor that is available to us at current point in time, but unfortunately the server is not rendering any display. We have already connected the same monitor to other sources and it is working fine. Could this have something to do with any software/hardware upgrade in Gen10 Servers? An alternate solution here would be to simply access ilo5 but at the moment after connecting my laptop to this server via ethernet cable, i am unable to access ilo ( over the browser regardless i assign the same LAN IP to my laptop or not. There are no alarms on the server, i have green stable LED's and it is very clear that the server does send some output to the console (monitor) as it detects input and goes from standby mode to active blank screen. Kindly help or please guide me regarding any work around if some one is facing the same issue already.

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Re: Blank Display for DL380 Gen10 Server


updates to the latest version of the BIOS-System ROM 

Version:1.46_10-02-2018 (27 Nov 2018)

This is a known error

Problems Fixed:

Addressed an issue where early server video output, on a locally attached monitor, may not show correctly when the monitor is attached to the server through a KVM. This issue does not impact systems that are not using a KVM or video output through the iLO Remote Console application.


Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 (U30) Servers


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Re: Blank Display for DL380 Gen10 Server


I'm not sure that option actually suffices, The issue that I'm having is the same, however, I cannot get in via console nor VGA, I know I have Video because I get the loading screen, but after it finishes and gets ready to go to the next screen where the Sys Config, & Intelligent Provisioning screen is, it just goes blank. Any ideas?