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Blue Screen - Resize IE Browser Window

Brent Hughes
Occasional Visitor

Blue Screen - Resize IE Browser Window

New ML370 G2, 1GB Memory, Level 5 RAID, Windows 2000 SP3. IE6 SP1. Compaq SoftPAQ 6.0.0 (Latest Firmware loaded.

For the most part the system seems stable except when I go to the Microsoft Windows Update WebSite. When I resize the browser window or check for updates the system will BSO:

STOP:0x0000001E (0xC0000005, 0xE21DFABF,0x0000001,0x00000017). KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

Possibly memory, but when I log in using safe mode and network support this does not happen in Windows Update. Any issues with the video drivers in the ML370 G2's? Also heard and issue with NetMeeting being installed mentioned. Before I go through what is loading and not loading in safe mode...Any ideas??? Production server so it needs complete stability.
Dave Palica

Re: Blue Screen - Resize IE Browser Window

Is the memory in the machine all from the same vendor? I've run into problems when memory from different vendors is installed in the same Compaq box.