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Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x00000044)

Jeff Westwood
Frequent Advisor

Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x00000044)

We have recently replaced our entire compaq server inventory of around 75 servers with current model servers including:

DL380 G2's
DL380 G3's
DL580 G2's
ML370 G3's

Since then we have been experiencing a large number of Blue Screen Crashes that all come up with the same STOP code being 0x00000044. We have sent dump files away to Microsoft for analysis and they are suggesting a problem with the CPQASM2.SYS driver. Based on this feedback we have upgraded the firmware on the Remote Insight boards in the affected servers and upgraded to version 6.3 of the SupportPaq. All servers are running Windows 2000 SP3 and are continuing to Blue Screen Crash periodically. Has anyone else experienced this or know a solution?

Many Thanks

Jeff Westwood

Re: Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x00000044)

Hello Jeff,

I have been working on multiple of these cases.

Please take a look at the following forum section:,,0xc731b941255cd71190080090279cd0f9,00.html

Please use the workaround as there provided and update that section of the forum because it contains all relevant data.

If you have a urgent request to get in contact with hp then please logg a call with us if needed mention my name as your contact.

HP is currently working on a new driver; no timeline is known yet.

Best Regards, Jeroen Kleen
(I am an HPE employee and a HPE OneSphere evangelist)
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Andrew Doble
Occasional Advisor

Re: Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x00000044)


Take a look at this thread on these forums:,,0xc731b941255cd71190080090279cd0f9,00.html

Also, I experienced these 0x00000044 errors - however, I resolved the issue by disabling HyperThreading.

Hope you resolve your issues.

Jeff Westwood
Frequent Advisor

Re: Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x00000044)

We now have a support call logged and are told that a driver update will be released on the 12th May that will fix this issue. Just out of curiosity, what is hyperthreading, how do you disable it and what are the consequences?


Jeff Westwood
Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x00000044)

Intel's Hyper-Threading documentation:

Details of this new technology
??? System board and OS will see one processor that supports hyperthreading as 2 processors.
??? Hyperthreading is basically a method of placing a 2nd set of registers (but not necessarily 2 CPU cores) on the processor core, allowing the processor to execute 2 threads at once.
??? Since the 2 sets of registers have to share other processor resources (cache, interface to front-side bus, etc) the performance will not be the same as 2 physical CPU's running SMP configuration.
??? Operating systems and applications will have to be optimized to take full advantage of hyper threading.
??? Intel's literature states that hyperthreading will deliver up to a 30% performance improvement for multithreaded applications.
More information can be found here:
Hyper-Threading can be disabled in RBSU (ROM Based System Configuration Utility)

Disabling it would lose any of above stated benefits if your Operating System and Applications support it.

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Jeff Westwood
Frequent Advisor

Re: Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x00000044)

Just cleaning up my profile.