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Blue Screen Trap ML350 0xF74EA189

Sean Waite
Frequent Advisor

Blue Screen Trap ML350 0xF74EA189

We recently upgraded a Windows 2003 SBS server that had failed to an ML350 G5. This past weekend we migrated from the previous 36GB SCSI connected to an Adaptec RAID card to the e200i SAS drives. From almost the moment we did this the server has randomly rebooted. This is what IML reports:

Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x00000018, 0x00000005, 0x00000000, 0xF74EA189))

Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x00000077 (0xC000000E, 0xC000000E, 0x00000000, 0x046A9000))

Earlier this evening while working on the server I got a BSOD, this is the one IML reported the 0xF74EA189 error. I was copying a 3GB file to a NAS machine when this happened. What I did see in the blue screen was the Smart Array e200i drive as the cause. During this same week we have also had problems with people being able to log in due to the Windows GPO errors. Once the server was rebooted everything was fine, no issues with GPO. Also during this past week backups to an HP Ultrium connected to an Adaptec SCSI card failed completely, in fact it never even started. Here the problem was the backups failed in a way that nothing got reported in the Event logs or Veritas logs. So we have no knowledge of what was causing the backups to fail, but of course we have a general idea.

I updated the e200i to the latest version,both drivers and firmware, but I am a little hesitant as to whether this will be the solution. One thing I should mention, currently Windows 2003 SBS is NOT a clean install on the ML350, the old servers drives were moved over, Windows loaded up in Safe mode where I applied the necessary HP drivers, and went from there. Because of the limitations of restoring SBS we are very limited to doing a full re-install on the ML350
Sean Waite
Frequent Advisor

Re: Blue Screen Trap ML350 0xF74EA189

It seems to be that when Windows is loaded off of the SAS drives this problem occurs. When Windows was loading off of the old Adaptec/SCSI everything was fine. The only thing that has changed was this. Previously the old SCSI drives were the first disk, hence the boot.ini had :

Now however when the SAS drives replaced the SCSI drives, they became within Windows Disk 1, where the SAS data drives became Disk 0. I had edited the boot.ini to reflect that Windows was now on disk (1) but it would not load. Only if the original boot.ini was left intact would Windows load, yet while boot.ini says to go to disk (0), from within Windows the OS drives is listed as disk (1).