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Blue screen (Very fast!!) and systematic reboot

Morbois michael
Occasional Visitor

Blue screen (Very fast!!) and systematic reboot

Hi, my company have a ML350G3, last week, the backup went wrong with ArcServe backup 11. I reinstalled it yesterday to try to solve the problem, but the install bugged. I desinstalled again this mornind and tried to reinstall, but after that, all the system was bugging, impossible to launch any .exe, .lnk, etc...
I decided to reboot the server, but just after the "beep beep", at time to normally boot windows, I have a very fast blue sreen written " .... Initialization failed" and reboot.
I tried to boot on the Windows's server 2003 cd, but it do not recognize the hard discs so the reparation is unable..

My boss is really lacking of humor now, I phoned HP support, and the person in charge is reading the array's diagnostic logs... I have to find a solution fastly...

anyone have an idea?
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Blue screen (Very fast!!) and systematic reboot

Until ADU reports findings Morbois, try the LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION.

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Re: Blue screen (Very fast!!) and systematic reboot

Post the ADU report here, maybe someone can help you before monday..

On the meanwhile, the recovery console is not recognizing the HDDs because you must specify the driver by pressing F6 before you get to the screen where it asks if you want to install or repair.

Provide the controller's drivers and try.

Post the ADU ASAP.
Morbois michael
Occasional Visitor

Re: Blue screen (Very fast!!) and systematic reboot

Thanks for your answers, but there seems that Netsky.X has passed the Symantec corporate antivirus.
The server hopefully reloaded windows one time and i could do an antivirus scan to see multiple infections.
The désinstall/réinstall of arcserve seemed to be the trigger of the infection... I'm stille cleaning HDD's but it goes well.
Thanks for your answers again.