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Boot (Bios) problems

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Boot (Bios) problems


i got this Prosignia 500 from a friend who sort of F**** it up. :)
i dont really know what he did, but it won't boot anymore.

175-PCI: Configuration/slot mismach
Device Found

And halts threre, when i try to press F1, F10 or ESC, Nothing happens.
It does try to access the floppy and CD-ROM at that point so i thought i'd download your ROMPAQ (SP1426) But that didnt help, also the confiruration utility (SP19619) i tried, didnt work. When i disconnect the SCSI cable from the Motherboard it does give an extra error, so i dont think the system is halted totaly..
please help me :)

PS: the Alt, Caps and num-lock lights didint work, i can skip the mem-test with ESC, so the keyboard should work. and there are no beeps.

Tnx in advance.

Johan Adriaans.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Boot (Bios) problems

Your friend either installed, removed a PCI card or changed the slot that it was in.

You've got a couple of options - if you have the smartstart CD, put it in and let the server boot from it - or - if you don't, download the setup utility (SP19619) & create diskettes and use those.

This server does not have setup in the BIOS, it's usually in the system partition on the first disk. If the disk fails or the config. is changed to the point where the system cannot find the disk you will get the problem you are experiencing.

If you have a working disk attached to the integrated SCSI host adapter, the setup utility will automatically reconfigure the system and then let you recreate the system partition and install the utilities - drop me a line at if you need help.