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Boot Failure, trying again in 5 seconds

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Boot Failure, trying again in 5 seconds

Hi all, I have a proliant DL160 G5 storage server which won't boot.  It just keeps giving me this error message in the subject line (after getting thru the bios).  There is no other clue as to what the issue is.  It takes a while to initialize the HP smart array E200, but that might be normal.  I booted it off of the offline diag CD from HP and all hardware passes it's tests.  Unfortunately it has no test that I can find for the raid array.  I suspect the issue is somewhere with the raid array.  When I hit ctrl+s to get into the PXE boot setup, it lists an option to hit ctrl+k to get into iSCSI setup, but nothing happens when I hit ctrl+k (presumably because it has no scsi drives).  


I also tried the guided troubleshooting, but no joy and I can't find much thru googling the error message.  Pardon if I seem clueless, I kinda am because I just fell into the sys admin roll here, so I'm a newbie.  Any help would be greatly appreciated to help me shed light on what the problem might be.  Thanks.


Re: Boot Failure, trying again in 5 seconds

Hi, I have no clue about this but just few work around: 1. Make sure there are no USB hard drives or USB key connected while booting. 2. Make sure the server isn't booting from the CDROM drive. 3. Go into BIOS and set the configuration to default settings. 4. Shutdown the server and then reseat the controller, cables and hard drives. Good Luck.

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