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Boot HP DL385 without PCI riser card???

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Boot HP DL385 without PCI riser card???


I'm hoping someone can help with this issue.

Our HP DL385 will not power up. The system health light flashes red, and it will power on for about 1 second before turning itself back off. There are no amber LED's anywhere on the board that would indicate a problem, and both power supplies are good.

We are using all HP components in the system, and I've stripped the server down to only using one CPU, only 2GB RAM (of 12), and disconnected all other devices (HD's, CDROM, etc.).

HP thought it might be the motherboard that failed, so they sent me a new one yesterday, but I still have the same problem after replacing it. I've also swapped parts from known working servers and still had no success.

The only thing that I can't replace is the PCI riser itself as I don't have a spare in a non-critical server. If I try to boot the server without the PCI riser card in place, it will not even power on at all (and I DO get an amber LED indicating the PCI riser is bad/missing). HP is sending me a new riser card, but I'd like to make sure that the riser card is the issue.

So my question is... Does anyone know of a way to get these servers to boot without the PCI riser card in place?

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Boot HP DL385 without PCI riser card???


Without the PCI cage you generate an "Interlock" error so the system can't function without it as the device chain is broken.

Have you replaced the power backplane? (where the power supplies plug into)

Double check all the small cables to/from the system board for bent/broken pins, especially those which go to the disk drive backplane.

Good luck.

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Re: Boot HP DL385 without PCI riser card???

Hi Brian,

Yes, I did replace the power supply backplane too but this did not help. However, the PCI riser cage just came from HP - and it fixed the issue, so my server and I am happy again!

I'm surprised the PCI riser cage generated the system critical error, but yet the LED for the riser cage itself did not come on (unless I removed the cage that is...).

It still would be nice to be able to boot the system without the cage just to eliminate it as a possible source of trouble. I did notice an undocumented open jumper under where the cage goes, but I was too chicken to try closing it to see if the server would boot without the cage. Didn't want to chance killing the server... ;)

Anyway, thanks for the help!