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Boot Problems with Proliant DL360 (first gen)

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Boot Problems with Proliant DL360 (first gen)

Server info: HP Proliant DL360 running Server 2003 R2 SP2, it is a member server primarily used for SQL.


The server was rebooted yesterday, and when it came back up it hung on applying computer settings.  The most recent software install was Trend Micro and I believe this is the first reboot since its install.


I arrived onsite and found most signs pointing to network issues, so I reboot to safemode with networking.  I could ping loopback, but ipconfig showed nothing and I couldn't ping anything else.  When I pulled up the connection properties it would show me the normal IP info (with the proper address and gateway).  Found a post recommending netdiag /fix repairing TCP/IP using net shell (netsh int ip reset ipreset.txt) (which was successful), but the netdiag said the TCP/IP information couldn't be found in the registry.


So, next I updated the drivers, which isn't all that easy thanks to HP's AWESOME </sarcasm> support page, which doesn't have the drivers for this models integrated NIC controller (HP NC373i), but I was able to search the support articles for the model and find version  I also updated the HP Network Configuration deal, which said there was an XML error (both before and after the update).  After a reboot the server hangs at configure network connections.  And it does it with safemode w/networking now too, so I'm left with only regular safemode.


I've uninstalled the network interfaces from device manager, removed the teaming software from startup, and manually uninstalled Trend Micro Office Scan (worry free business 7, which I 100% believe is the source of this since the services weren't installed or running and have the registry information for a manual uninstall was missing).  Every time I uninstall the drivers it reinstalls on the next scan or restart, I've deleted the files but they still come back.  Updating the controller firmware didn't help.  I'm running short on ideas here, and will have to go to a repair install here shortly. 


Any thoughts?



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Re: Boot Problems with Proliant DL360 (first gen)

Have you tried dumping the tcp/ip stack?