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Boot Proliant 800 from floppy

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Boot Proliant 800 from floppy

I have a Proliant 800 that needs to be scrubbed in preparation for disposal. The scrubber program we use requires it to be started from a bootable floppy. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get the machine to boot from the floppy drive.
Van Cotoco

Re: Boot Proliant 800 from floppy

Hi Mark,

If I remember right, the Proliant 800 has a feature in the System Setup where you can disable the floppy drive. If that is the case, you need to boot the SMARTSTART CD to get into the System Setup Utility to enable the floppy drive.

If the drive is not disabled, and not defective, the system should boot from floppy if there is no CD in the CD-ROM drive, and the hard disk does not have an active partition. You can try disconnecting the CD-ROM and the hard disk and see if it will boot off the floppy.