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Boot error after SmartArray 3200 firmware upgrade

Gary Kettner
Occasional Visitor

Boot error after SmartArray 3200 firmware upgrade

I am rebuilding a Proliant 5500.

I upgrades the system BIOS to the latest version (11/08/2000) and then upgraded the firmware on the SmartArray 3200 from 4.16 to version 4.50.

Both upgrades appeared successful.

Following the upgrade, the server will no longer boot. It gets a far as recognizing the RAID controller, and appears to see the configured logical drives.

But the server hangs with POST error code 00h and two short beeps. If I remove the RAID controller, I can successfully boot to a floppy. But I can't boot to StartStart CD with the RAID controller in place.

Suggestions would be welcome.

Gary Kettner
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Boot error after SmartArray 3200 firmware upgrade

Hello Gary,
Please try clearing NVRAM. The process to do is appended:
To Clear NVRAM

How To Clear NVRAM Via the SCU

1. Cycle the power on the Server and upon reboot press F10 when prompted to access the System Configuration Utility.
2. At the Compaq System Configuration Screen you are prompted to ???press any key to continue???.
3. You are now at the MAIN MENU. You must now press ???Ctrl-A??? at this point to be able to access the ADVANCED FEATURES. When Prompted ???ok = enter??? then press the Enter key.
4. Five choices are now available; Choose SYSTEM CONFIGURATION and press ENTER.
5. CONFIGURE HARDWARE is now Highlighted, Press ENTER. The configuration files are now being loaded; this will take between 3 to 5 minutes.
6. Once the configuration is complete a menu pops-up and the choices are ???Save configuration and exit??? or ???Review of Modify hardware setting??? - Choose ???Review or modify hardware settings???
7. There are now five choices in a menu. Choose the third option, which is VIEW OR EDIT DETAILS.
8. Scroll down to the ADVANCED FEATURES menu title, which is located approximately halfway through the menu of options.
10. You are now prompted for two choices YES or NO. Choose YES and press ENTER.
11. Erase Non-Volatile Memory Confirm Yes or No. Choose YES and press ENTER
12. Prompted to shut off server and run the System Configuration. (Turn Off and Wait 10 Seconds)
13. On reboot you will be prompted with 3 choices. Press F10 to access the system Configuration Utility.
14. The Compaq System Configuration Screen will now come up.
15. At the Auto Configuration Menu you will receive a Message: ???Your Computer reported a configuration error. Would you like your computer configured automatically? Yes or No??? Choose YES
16. You will be prompted with a message: ???Use SCI (System Configuration Information) that was backed up in the SCI? Yes or No.??? Choose NO. The backup is a copy of your original configuration that you just erased. (If you did not see this step you must repeat this procedure again).
17. You will now be prompted to choose your Operating System and for the Date and Time.
18. The Configuration Files are now going to be loaded.
19. You are now going to be prompted to 1) Save the configuration and exit 2) Review and Modify Hardware Settings

Choose Save the Configuration and exit.

20. You are now prompted to press ENTER to finish. At this point the server will reboot automatically with the new system configuration.


Gary Kettner
Occasional Visitor

Re: Boot error after SmartArray 3200 firmware upgrade

With the RAID card installed, I never get to a F1/F10 prompt.

If I remove the controller temporarily, I can run the System Erase Utility from the SmartStard CD and clear the NVRAM.

But when I reinstall the controller, it still hangs.

Gary Kettner