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Boot from CD ProLiant ML350 G5

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Boot from CD ProLiant ML350 G5


i have a problem to boot from cd on the ProLiant ML350 G5. Everytime the Server boots up from Smart Array Controller E200i. The bios is configured to boot first from CD and the dvd-drive is working correctly.
I want to install M.S. Server 2003. At this time there is a Suse Linux installed.
Is it necessary to upgrade the firmware or requires the array controller a windows specified firmware?
does anybody has experience with this problem?
thanks for all responses.
juan quesada
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Re: Boot from CD ProLiant ML350 G5

enter the RBSU(BIOS) by pressing f10 during POST, locate standard boot order and arrange as desired.

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Re: Boot from CD ProLiant ML350 G5

It´s already configured that the proliant boots first from cd-dvd, but it doesnt work.
is there a possibility to deactivate the smart array controller in the boot order?
Whatever you are setting in the boot order, it always boots up from the hard disk (array controller).
any other suggestions?
Jimmy Vance

Re: Boot from CD ProLiant ML350 G5

1st guess would be the boot media your using is bad?

What happens if you set the NIC as 1st boot order? Does it try to PXE boot?

If the CD media is bad, it will fall through the order until it finds a boot device.

Could be RBSU is corrupt, go into RBSU advanced options, or by using dip switch 7 and reset the system ROM back to factory defaults.

If you want to remove the Smart Array from the mix, during POST press F8 when the controller ID's, delete the current array and create a new array. This will destroy the data on the drives so it won't boot from the disks anymore

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