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Boot from PCIe SSD on ML350G6


Boot from PCIe SSD on ML350G6

Hello, my Friends

I have got a ML350 G6 server. I use it as a workstation.  BIOS  is a latest ( 16. 08. 2015.)

I would like to speed up the operation so I bought a Samsung SSD which is M.2 PCIe interface surface (MZHPV256HDGL). I insert the SSD to the server by an ASUS (Hyper M.2 X4 mini) card.

The OS (Microsoft Winsows 10) was originally on SAS RAID array. When the machine is started, it was all right to use the SSD. Could read and write. I thought I put the OS from array to the SSD. But the Windows Installer would say: this is not bootable drive. Someone has managed to make bootable PCIe card? 

(HP produced such accelerator card :!view=grid&page=1

Someone has experience with this? These can be installed? Bootable? If yes, then the ASUS-Samsung why not?)

Thanks in advance for the help.