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Boot from Storage with SA5300

Bernhard Kempf
Occasional Visitor

Boot from Storage with SA5300

I have a Smart Array Controller 5300 with latest FW running in Slot 2 of a DL380 G3 Server (all FW updated) connected to a HSG80.
Onboard 5i controller is disabled.

OS is to be W2K-Server english.

I want to boot from storage.

We tried everything. I can install W2KSRV on storage disk and the 5300 detects the logical drive on SAN during POST but I cannot boot from storage drives.

Any ideas or is their a possibility that the 5300 does NOT support booting from SAN?
Stephen Grimmer
Trusted Contributor

Re: Boot from Storage with SA5300


The 5300 doesn't connect to the hsg80.

The 5300 is a scsi based device that uses copper scsi cables that connects directly to scsi drives (or drive cage).

The hsg80 controller on the SAN connects to computers via optical fiber cable usually throught a fiber switch. The computer end has an HBA (host bus adapter) with a fiber cable going to a switch.

Now some HBA's support booting from the SAN. What HBA do you have?