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Boot from USB?

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Boot from USB?

I would like to install W2K8 on a Proliant DL560 G1
Unfortunately, it has a CD drive and the install file is too large. I have made a bootable USB thumb drive using the process here - but I'm not sure if it's even possible to boot from a USB drive on this old server, and if so, where to configure it. I've been through the boot order and changing the floppy or cd drives to be first do not work (doesn't recognize the USB key as either)

Ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Jimmy Vance

Re: Boot from USB?

I don't think the DL560 supported boot from USB.

A couple of options

Find one of these option optical drives
Slimline CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive Option Kit 331903-B21
Slimline DVD-ROM Drive (8X/24X) Option Kit (Servers) 264007-B21
HP DVD+R/RW 8X Slim 383975-B21

If the iLO has the advanced pack license, you can try using iLO virtual media

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Re: Boot from USB?

I found a solution, after a bit of searching - SmartStart. (I used v8.25 although I think USB was added back in v7.*)

After booting into SmartStart, I configured the drives, array and then I identified the OS I wanted to install. It then asked me where the media was (diskette, CD, USB or network).
For the USB, it then asked if the install files were part of an ISO or flat files. Mine were flat files, so I specified the file folder and off it went.