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Boot order on ML110 & E200

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Boot order on ML110 & E200

I had an array die on me a while back - two drives failed in a RAID5 array :( - and am now getting around to rebuilding on new drives.

I had a VMware boot volume on a single disk (in the 5.25" bay) RAID-0 array (connected to Cable 1 on Port 1 on the E200) and the failed volume as a 4-disk RAID-5 array (connected to cables 1 - 4 on port 2 of the E200).

After giving up trying to recover the failed RAID5 array I deleted the array, swapped all of the disks & created a new array. This array is now listed as "Disk 0" and the original boot volume is listed as "Disk 1".

I now can't boot with the new array configured, with the system reporting "No OS Found". If I delete the new array leaving "bare" disks in, the OS boots fine.

So, how can I tell it to boot from the correct array/volume?


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Re: Boot order on ML110 & E200


Have you tried using the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) for Linux from VMware? (In other words not using the ORCA version via F8). The online version may save the logical drives in the correct order.

Unfortunately the ML100 series does not use the Smartstart CD, so you can't use that method.

I hope this helps,


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Re: Boot order on ML110 & E200

I haven't yet, but I've now downloaded & will give it a go tomorrow evening. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll report back!
Neal Ferries

Re: Boot order on ML110 & E200


Have you fixed it , points or do you still need help with this