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Boot order problem

Jean-François Renaud
Occasional Visitor

Boot order problem

I installed a SATA Promise PCI adapter on a ML330 G1 in order to manage a 160GB SATA Hard drive.

The HD is detected, but it boots BEFORE the SCSI drives even if the Smart Array controller (for the SCSI) is set up to boot first and the SATA adapter fourth (2nd is ATA adapter for CDROM and 3rd is Ultrawide SCSI adapter for the tape backup).

The boot order is fine, and the SATA HD is detected...

Any answers for me ?
Mike Stevens_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: Boot order problem

The first thing I would try is see if there is a RomPAQ Bios upgrade for the machine. If not, then see if you can't disable "booting" on the SATA controller. If that doesn't work, try moving it to another slot in the machine. Depending on which slot it is in, that slot may have an interrupt request (IRQ) that is before the Smart Array controller. If this happens, the controller with the first IRQ will usually be the one to boot. As the Smart Array controller and the SATA controller both look like SCSI controllers to the BIOS, the first one will boot no matter the boot order in the BIOS.

Hope this helps,

Mike Stevens