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Boot with 2 controllers DL160 G6

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Boot with 2 controllers DL160 G6


We have faced a problem

In a server 2 controllers are established:
- P410 operates two disks RAID 1+0 with established Win 2003 R2 x64.
- SAS P212/ZM to which file Infotrend is connected

When on controller P212/ZM in a configuration the logic disk is created, at server loading is defined on 1 logic disk on each controller the server tries will be loaded only from controller P212/ZM

As to a server to specify that it was loaded only with P410 the controller, he it simply does not see when on P212 the logic disk is created.

In BIOS loading with RAID is specified: P212/Р410/Р411
To specify loading initially with Р410 it is impossible

Please help! =(

P.S. Sorry my bad english!
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Re: Boot with 2 controllers DL160 G6

HI FTT this
is step 1
ok remove all controllers except p400 with OS system ,

go in to bios select boot options f10 exit

if all is okay now fine then add other controllers
but if not all okay

update firmware with hp firmware maintenance cd version 8.6

if still same issue use switch f6 on system board

start up switch off server move switch back add one controller only the p400

now back to step one

when done add other controllers again

IF this does not work let us know has it ever worked before or is this new setup

are all disks same speeed like 15k or 10 k

and are disks on each controller same speeds or mixed

so are the disks on p400 same speed as those on other controllers

Goodluck :)
This is how we thank in the forum

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Re: Boot with 2 controllers DL160 G6

if applicable, something interesting from the quickspecs:
NOTE: To use the internal only PCI-e slot when purchasing the Hot Plug CTOChassis, a HP Smart Array P410 controller must be selected. When selecting the HPSmart Array P212 Controller (P/N 491191-B21), the controller will be installed in thex16 slot since it has both an internal and external port. This prevents the use of theinternal slot and no PCI-E slots will be available

Hot Plug HDD BackplaneOptionNOTE: A minimum of one Hot Plug HDD Backplane option is ONLY required whenpurchasing Hot Plug CTO Chassis Model (P/N 491532-B21) in Step 1.HP 8SFF Hard Drive Cage & Backplane G6, FIO515938-B21HP 2 HDD Backplane G6 FIO KitNOTE: Supports LFF hard drives only.518593-B21HP 4HDD Hot Plug Backplane G6 KitNOTE: Supports LFF hard drives only.

try to install the latest bios

the latest fw for the controllers:

the latest driver


after this during start up press F10 to enter the BIOS setup menu

go to the boot menu and then to the standard boot order, set the P410 to the highest position.

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