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Booting ML370 issue

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Ali Port
Occasional Visitor

Booting ML370 issue

I have an original ML370 with a 3200 Array controller and a couple of mirrored drives running Windows 2003 server. I've then added an Adaptec SATA card and cage with 4 drives in RAID 5. Now my server insists on booting from the SATA drives which are empty so I end up at a "Non system disk or disk error" prompt. I know the 3200 array is OK because if I disconnect the sata cage (but leave the card in) then it boots into 2003 OK. What can I do to fix this short of rebuilding the 3200 side of things (will that even work). Any help gratefully received.
David Pelletier
Occasional Visitor

Re: Booting ML370 issue

Hmm... I would check in the boot controller order first, that's for sure. Reboot your server, enter RBSU and check for "boot controller order" option to make sure you 3200 Array controller is first of the list (while your adaptec SATA controller is in place).

Hope this helps
Honored Contributor

Re: Booting ML370 issue

Hi Ali,

I believe the problem may be due to the BIOS being enabled on the Adaptec controller. If it appears before the Smart Array in the Power-On-Self-Test screen display scan and the Adaptec BIOS can find disks (INT 13 devices), it will call this configuration DISK 0 (First Disk) regardless of the Boot order I believe.

If you simply want to access the Adaptec Logical drive from W2K3 but don't want to boot from it, disable the Adaptec BIOS by entering the command sequence to view the BIOS (Normally CTRL-A on an Adaptec) when prompted during POST. Choose View/Configure Controller Settings and then Advanced Configuration.
Under SCSI Controller INT13 support choose "Disabled-Scan Bus" if this is an available choice, otherwise choose Disabled.

I have a similar setup on an old Proliant 1600. I use the Adaptec controller to boot a Netware disk when I enable the Int13 BIOS. If I don't have this set I boot Windows 2000 as normal but I can still see the Netware DOS partition OK.

I hope this helps.

Ali Port
Occasional Visitor

Re: Booting ML370 issue

Bingo! That was exactly the issue with a slight modification to your answer.

I'm sorry but you weren't up to speed with the exact model of Adaptec controller (which I hadn't specified) maybe because it was SATA rather than SCSI. :-)

CTRL-A for setup then into Controller Configuration Utility I think it was and then Disable "Runtime BIOS".

Thanks again.