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Bought DL380 G7 to learn, want to change raid controller

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Bought DL380 G7 to learn, want to change raid controller


I have bought an used DL380 G7 to learn. 

I have put inside it some hdd unsupported (firecuda) and now fan goes crazy.

Someone suggested me that I can replace the 410i raid controller with a 420 one because it reads better disks temperature.

Now I ask:

- is it true?

- updating 410i firmware will solve my problem?

-should I buy a p420 or a p420i?

- can I recycle 410i super capacitor?

- how can I know how many pci-e expansions slot I have without opening the server?

Thanks  in advance,


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Re: Bought DL380 G7 to learn, want to change raid controller

hello, can I help, Im not HP.

so you did not first tell your systems full configuration,  do the main riser slots have cards installed, X8 or X4 express?

how many drives in the bays, and there names. (models)


I take it the P410i has  the CACHe,  now let the super cap charge all day and see if it's ok (wiki how CAPs reform under power !) hint1 : give the cap a chance ! ok> and not rush to do things, until it is. charged and shows charged in SSA app. or in F8 menu.(p410 rom pages)

rule 1: do not mix sata and SAS in the backplane ok

how many drives do you have, ?  put just one in first.  (I have a bank of 300GB Dell SAS running prefect) a shock no?


why not buy  a  used $10 SAS hdd off fleabay to start, get that and get that  working first. then do more.

start simple and known to work.  EVEN A USED HP DRIVE.?



firecuda (no model stated, full p/n)    those cute names Seagate gives products are just for fun,  only P/N matter. full

is this a SATA drive hybrid drive (hdd +sdd) if yes, what makes you think HP supports this advanced tech?

for sure the SMART monitors will get lost for that drive so easy, I BET, (im not sure but this would be the last drive to pick)

Use a SAS drive,  and watch it fly.

sorry but those  are facts, on topic RAID,  we need to know what you really have there.

the last letters on mine are SS, for SAS,  NS is , SATA,  just one letter different but  a big difference true. seagate

Im  a big Seagate fan and SSD too.

no the 410  is  vary powerful and great controller why dump it?   the 420 i think has no place in this G7,  (ymmv)

no goal stated, what is the systems usage,  video server, for home or just photos, or what?   or just learning nothing else?

what do you mean by recycle ( to the city toxic waste recycle center or to just reform it)? the latter let it run power on for 1 day, and pray if it fails replace it, in fact I can even replace my internal caps, using the same make of cap super. 2.7v 35F.ask. how. (35 Farads it is each in series so is 1/2 that. on a real meter)

super caps need to with power to keep them in good heath, as you know severs are run 24/7 so  that be normal .

What OS are you going to run?, this dictates what drivers work and not. only that, and what BIOS allows. (and its updates)


the fan bank does go crazy turned on, dead cold, this is normal

then quickly wakes up as main BIOS takes over the control of all fans in the bank.

it then learns the the SEA of Sensors temperature readings and sets RPM based on this.

how long did BIOS get lost on the fans, in seconds./?


I have  huge box of SaS drives. here,

HP, IBM Dell and pure Seagate Enterprise level drives. 

all of them work, in my testing.

im sure there are exception to that,  statement, real sure.


Early bird gets the worm, but 2nd mouse the cheese! I am not HP !