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Breaking RAID on a ML370

Alex Loquens
Occasional Visitor

Breaking RAID on a ML370

We've an Exchange server running on a ML370 with 6 18.2gb disks.

We need to break the array in order to fit x3 145gb however this of course will destroy 'all' data in the array.

If we ghost the server, then break the array I am concerned that HP
SMART Array controllers not only write disk config to the firmware
eprom, but also to the disk itself and we may well have boot errors
after we restore the GHOST image because of conflicting config info.

We're looking to undertake the disk upgrade on August the 7th, hence
would appreciate your soonest feedback.

Re: Breaking RAID on a ML370

I don't use Ghost with arrays. With Acronis True Image it works fine. But keep the existing partitions the same as before when restoring the image. Afer that you can modify the partitions you like with a partition manager...
Alex Loquens
Occasional Visitor

Re: Breaking RAID on a ML370

Hi & thanks for your reply.

Is 'Acronis True Image' a commercial product? Am I able to download a trial from somewhere?

Why is this product better than Ghost? Are there any distinct advantages? Or are your recommending this product through your own experiences? Also could we use Drive Image PRO?

Re: Breaking RAID on a ML370

Drive Image Pro is much like Acronis True Image. It is a commercial product though. My experience with Symantec Ghost and RAID controllers isn't very well so I decided to use another product. I saw that many people are satisfied about Acronis True Image and that RAID controllers are fully I gave it a shot!

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Breaking RAID on a ML370

Correct, SmartArray controllers save their configuration on the disk, but this area cannot be accessed by the end-user, so it will not be in a backup, or disk image - be it from Ghost or TrueImage or whatever you use.

Re: Breaking RAID on a ML370


I agree with Uwe Zessin,

Ghost or any other product does not access the config info portion of an Array, also eprom does not store info about the array configuration.

I use a lot of Ghosting with my arrays, so far no worries. You can dump images to logical drives.

As your requirement is mission critical, do a pilot on another machine, take two backups and proceed.

If need further help,please write to us. We are glad to help if time permits ( I am engaged in many projects).

Take care,