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Breaking the raid chain, ML350, (umm g1 or g2)

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Breaking the raid chain, ML350, (umm g1 or g2)

I've come across a some what antiquated server, (they were going to throw it out) Its a ML350, i think it may be the first gen of them or second (it has a Pentium 3 in it), I'm trying to break the raid chain, so my drive won't run in tantum. I want them to be seen as the separate drives they are. So if any one knows what i need to do for this, it would be helpfull,
(the guy i got the server from said to hold ctrl+m on boot, but that doesn't work at all, the thing won't even init the keyboard till after the smart array thing starts) I don't particurally have any of the disks that came with it, in fact I had to install my own os on it, so novelle's netware isn't there anymore.

Well it would be helpfull if some one could tell me how to break the chain.
Ivan Bertovic
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Re: Breaking the raid chain, ML350, (umm g1 or g2)

if the "smart array thing" is Smart Array 532, you can boot server with SmartStart cd (download from
when smartstart boots, run Array Configuration Utility... there you can configure smart array controler (configure raid....)