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Broken Raid 0 array on DL360

Peter Fell2
Occasional Contributor

Broken Raid 0 array on DL360


I've got a DL360 (old style) which has 2 x 18.2GB disks mirrored. Recently the right hand disk failed. On replacing the disk it didn't start the re-mirroring but Compaq Array Configuration Utility reported that Port 2:ID 5 had a bad or missing disk. If I put another 18.2GB disk in the right hand side it appears like a spare disk with details Port 2:ID 1 and re-mirroring never takes place. It seems a bit weird that ACU is reporting the faulty disk as having ID 5 as I've only seen the left hand disks having ID 0 with the right hand side being ID 1. Any ideas how I either break the array (keeping the data on the good disk!) and then re-mirror again or fix it as it is?

Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: Broken Raid 0 array on DL360

Hi Peter,

The SCSI back plane will automatically assign the IDs to the Hdds installed. The usually procedure is the lower most/left most drive will take ID 0 and it will increment the ID.

In your case I feel it has not assigned the IDs in sequential order or maybe the IDs are mismatched.

What I would recommed is, Goto ACU and check for the Mirror Raid what IDs are assigned. Check the Physical view to get the ids. Once you have verify the ids and the disks are in the same port, Manually do the jumper setting of the ID to the new disk and install it in the bay and the controller should detect the new hdd has been replaced back in the same port and id and it should start rebuilding the Mirror Hdd.

Peter Fell2
Occasional Contributor

Re: Broken Raid 0 array on DL360

Thanks for the suggestion. Checked and it was expecting SCSI ID 0 & 5. Changed a disk to SCSI ID 5 but then I get the bad disk light lit up when I out it in the server. Maybe I'm jumpering it wrong?
Occasional Visitor

Re: Broken Raid 0 array on DL360

Hello I have a similiar issue.

I have a dl380 g3 with a 5300 array card. I have ids 0-5 populated with hd's (6). At POST i get a message that says the controller is in interim recovery mode. Replace SCSI 2: ID 5. All my drives physically are connected to SCSI 1. I have no idea why the controller is seeing this drive on SCSI 2. I've replaced the backplane and the problem is still the same. I've replaced the drive and no luck. The drive lights on ID5 are currently off. The is the second time this has happened. I have another server with the exact problem. So far I do not know of a fix. I rather not rebuild the servers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My servers are only running on IDs 0-4. Id 5 is doing nothing.