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Broken x86_64 rpms

Stiliyan Sabchev
Occasional Visitor

Broken x86_64 rpms

1. hp-health conflicts with hp-smx-02.03-10.rhel5.x86_64
hpacucli - is noarch, but actually - 32 bit
hpacucli i386 8.35-7.0 /hpacucli-8.35-7.0.noarch 17 M

Also a lot of i386 packeges I had to install as dependencies - why?
All rpms from HP are 64 bit or noarch.
Will HP going to fix this x86_64 rpms?

Stiliyan Sabchev
Occasional Visitor

Re: Broken x86_64 rpms

Error: Missing Dependency:
wile installing hpdiags is needed by package hpdiags-8.3.1-105.x86_64 (hpdiags-8.3.1-105.linux.x86_64.rpm)

Any ideas?