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Bug with hpsnmpconf on Debian x64

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Bug with hpsnmpconf on Debian x64

I just wasted several hours of my time trying to access HP SNMP locally and remotely on a Proxmox /Debian x64 ML310 G5 server.


You will see errors like :


snmpwalk -v2c -c public .


. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID


For all those having similar issues note that when you run hpsnmpconf it adds the following line to /etc/snmpd.conf :


dlmod cmaX /usr/lib64/


Except this file is actually installed in /usr/lib


Go figure................


Note the bug is in :




I don't suppose it wil get fixed any faster than the management page problem but I guess we can live in hope....


Re: Bug with hpsnmpconf on Debian x64



hp-snmp-agents_8. is the final one I could find at hp for debian.


But for RHEL the latest hp-snmp-agents- is available here.


Thank You!
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Re: Bug with hpsnmpconf on Debian x64

Yes, I quite clearly stated that the bug was in hp-snmp-agents_8.


It was downloaded from the SDR, and it is BROKEN. I'd report it on a bug track... if you had one.


I can't use the RPM as this is a Debian box (not without jumping through hoops, alien et al) and the packages should be at the same level and WORK.


There are plenty of other posts regarding the state of debs and the fact that System Management Homepage is also broken.


When are HP going to get their act together and sort this mess out ? It's not rocket science.


If you are an HP employee, then kindly go kick some butt and sort this out.


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