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Build DL360 with Windows Server 2019

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Build DL360 with Windows Server 2019


So have just purchased a DL360 with Windows Server 2019. The server does not have a CD/DVD , the O/S came on a DVD. I have a USB DVD drive. I have tried to boot from DVD to install the O/S but the server does not recognise it to boot from. I have tried both front and rear USB ports. The USB DVD drive works fine from my laptop.

Any suggestions on how to install Windows Server 2019 onto my new server would be great.


Re: Build DL360 with Windows Server 2019


I assume that you are referring to either DL360 Gen9 or DL360 Gen10.

Was the boot order checked in BIOS and the correct boot option selected during boot.

Please refer "Changing the UEFI boot order" on page# 59 of below link: (GEn9 server)

"Changing the UEFI boot order" on page# 86 of below link: (Gen10 server)

Alternately, the ISO image can also be mounted from iLO using the Virtual Media option

please refer setting up iLO on the user guide (gen9)

For Gen10 servers, please refer below user guide

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Re: Build DL360 with Windows Server 2019

I greatly prefer using virtual media for my DL builds. Plenty quick on my local 1Gb network, I can get everything done without having to run between my desk and the build room (other than the actual physical assembly), no discs to get damaged, and I can do this on any DL anywhere as long as I can access the iLO (slower pipes and larger boot volumes might be less fun, but that's not a fault of the feature).