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Burn-in software for servers?

Jess Doherty
Occasional Contributor

Burn-in software for servers?

We oftentimes configure new HP servers for our customers. Right now our burn-in tests for new servers is comprised of us having to boot off many different CD's to use a wide variety of tools, it is a very time and labor intensive process.

I would rather have just one tool (preferably on a bootable CD) that I can put in and let run without any more interaction from myself.

There is plenty of burn-in software out there for PC workstations that I've found but that software generally doesn't test things like Fibre Channel HBAs and RAID controllers and the other hardware that are common in servers. So it is really not all that much use to me.

Is there any burn-in software out there that is created specifically for servers?




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Mark Matthews
Respected Contributor

Re: Burn-in software for servers?

Hi Jess,

We tend to use just the SmartStart diags, setup to run on all components and for something like 1000 times!

I know what you mean re Raid Controllers and Fibre Cards. I've never seen anything to burn test those with either...

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