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Burning PCI-E riser card in SE1102 with 4 port gigabit NIC

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Burning PCI-E riser card in SE1102 with 4 port gigabit NIC

Hi All,


I recently bought a used SE1102 server from eBay, and decided to add a 4-port HP Gigabit NIC (NC364T) to it for use with VMware.

After connecting it to the PCI-E riser card, and installing the whole bracket into the server, I powered it up.

After about 10 seconds, the room started to fill with smoke. I turned the server off and opened it up a bit later, and found the PCI-E riser card hard started to burn, it was all black and had damaged the NIC.
Needless to say, I chucked this immediately.


I have since had a replacement riser card sent to me, and have obtained a brand new NC364T. Before I go ahead and try again, does anyone know why this might have happened, and if it would be likely to happen again?
I am putting it down to a damaged PCI-E riser card, but am a bit aprehensive about potentially ruining another NIC.


There is no info out there about this server, so am at a bit of a loss. The PCI-E slot is 8x, the riser is 8x, and the NIC is 4x.


Many thanks