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Bus expander in wrong slot, system halted. Required slot not available.

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Bus expander in wrong slot, system halted. Required slot not available.

So I am useing my old ML370G5 for different purposes now it is becoming outdated.


(Brief history, question below)

I bought a graphics card and using a dremel reduced the pci-e slot size from 16x to 8x, then bought an expander to change the slot from 4x to 8x. The graphics card worked ok without the bus expander (which is a slot card and goes in each of the even numbered slots to change the corelating odd numbered slots to 8x, from 4x, effectively combining the 2) but worked better with it.

Now I have bought a new graphics card which is significantly larger in volume and covers the even numbered slot where the expander used to plug in. The card does not work without the expander and the system reverts to internal (on-board) graphics.

I then moved the graphics card to the even numbered slot and put the expander into the odd numbered slot and hey presto the graphics card works. But, on bootup the sequence offers the error message that 4x 8x expander is in wrong slot, refer to documentation and move to correct slot. System Halted. (or something along those lines)



My question is can I use the bios to change any settings meaning that this can then continue and I can use my cards as desired, or will I have to purchase a ribbon to relocate the even numbered bay, resulting in a floating expander card inside the machine? I'd prefer to have it securely located and seated.


Any comments are welcome please. I can understand a fair amnount about computing, but I do not know very much lingo, so if you can help, please talk to me like a beginner. Thanks!







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