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C Drive on disk 1 instead of 0

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C Drive on disk 1 instead of 0

I recently installed Win 2003 enterprise version on new machine. Disk management configuration is:
Disk 0 Unallocated 136 GB
Disk 1 C: with 20 GB and 117.2 GB unallocated.
Is it advisable to have C drive on disk 0 ONLY? Can I configure it now so that 20GB of C drive be on Disk 0 instead of 1? Can you please guide me with this. Thanks,

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: C Drive on disk 1 instead of 0

Hello RSH,

Is you're server as a RAID? usally we first go RAID 0+1 with to drive,it faster and mirror,number 1# i would restart the install,but it not necesary. drive 0 could you're drive D: if you want but you could also make you re drive D: 117 Gbs and E: you drive 0 with 136 gbs.
if you did not do th RAID thing:BUT MY SUGECTION is MAKE RAID 0+1, then you would have 136gb(drive0)<->136Gb(Drive1) if anything happen to other drive you re SAFE.
Then do Windows Server 2003.

Don't forget to apply you re points PLEASE!!
Daniel Leblanc
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Re: C Drive on disk 1 instead of 0

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