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C-T-O DL360 G10 Crashing repeatedly Server 2016

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C-T-O DL360 G10 Crashing repeatedly Server 2016

System is a Dl360 with dual Xeon Gold 5122, 192gb ram, 2x 600gb

Installed Windows Server 2016 Standard using Intelligent Provisioning. Despite IP asking me questions like time zone, network settings, admin password, none of that worked. When Windows setup booted it was like a normal bare metal install.

Then the crashing started. It crashed a few times during install, and crashes repeatedly now on the bench.

I've run the 2017-10 SPP, didn't help.

The error from ILo is "uncorrectable machine check exception in CPU 2"

ILo health status is showing CPU and Memory as "degraded"

The machine has reported this to HPE support but I haven't heard from them.

Since this is a CTO box I can't just return it for refund or can I? How can I trust this machine down the road if it was delivered with hardware faults?

Re: C-T-O DL360 G10 Crashing repeatedly Server 2016


Please call HPE Support and provide the server serial number and see if any case has been logged.

Coming to the issue, If the CPU and Memory are degraded, then it could be either the slot on Systemboard or CPU/Memory itself has gone bad.

Thank You!
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